In 1938, the first glass wool production line was constructed by Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation. This marks the official beginning of the commercial development of glass wool and for over 50 years, glass wool has proven to be a safe and effective insulation material in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

During the last few decades, Taiwan has seen phenomenal growth with major industrial development, numerous public construction projects and an overall increase standard of building design. Taita Chemical Company, Limited (Part of USI Group) recognized that there was an urgent need for a reliable supply of high quality glass wool products coupled with prompt delivery and competent after sale service. To meet this demand, Taita Chemical Company, Limited cooperated with ACI Insulation, sourcing the latest technology and equipment from Owens Corning. Through Owens Corning’s technology and ACI Insulation’s experience, Taita constructed a modern, highly efficient plant in Toufen in 1991. Taita Chemical Company, Limited has become the only licensee of Owens Corning in Taiwan.