Production Process

  • A glass batch incorporating about fifteen raw components, such as sand, soda ash, limestone, etc., are stored in silos, weighted, mixed and poured into the furnace by a batch feeder.
  • The melting process of the verifiable mix takes place in a flame furnace heated to about 1400°C. The melted glass is the temperature conditioned in the fore-hearth before being fiberized into the final glass fibers.
  • After being coated with binder, the fibers are laid out in a thick pack on a moving conveyor.
  • The variable speed of the conveyor belt permits the manufacture of different densities of the finished products.
  • The conveyor carries the resin-impregnated fibers into the curing oven where the resin is cured.
  • After curing the resin, the product is trimmed with circular saws.
  • The manufacturing process is completed by the possible adhesion of either vapour barrier aluminum facing or a bonded mat and by finally cutting the blanket to the required length.