About TTC

Employees: Approximately 370

Major Products: EPS/ABS/ PS/SAN, Glasswool and Cubic Printing

TTC’s major commercial products are EPS, ABS and PS plastic resins. Other products include SAN resin, glasswool, and cubic printing, all of which are widely used in consumer-oriented and industrial applications.

TTC is currently serving the markets covering not only the both sides of the Taiwan Strait (i.e., Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China), but also very active in the markets of Southeastern/Central Asia, Europe and North America. TTC has established two operation (both production & sales) sites in Mainland China, one in Zhong-shan, Guangdong Province and another at Tian-jin to meet the great demand of Chinese market. All of our effort in domestic and export markets are supported by the research and development capabilities of our Taiwan Headquarters, such as: Process Automation, product diversification & value enhancement, strengthening of distribution channels and exploring new markets. As a result, TTC has earned many strong and reliable brand names such as Taitalac, Taitarex and Taitacell.

For more than three decades, TCC has diligently worked on process improvement and green production techniques development and successfully achieved monomer content reduction in our Styrenic Products (TTC’s GPS grades have the lowest monomer content in the world). In addition, technical cooperation agreements with Japanese and American academic and research institutes have helped us greatly improve our capabilities in developing new products and processes. Furthermore, our effort in developing green technologies over the years has achieved reduction of process waste effluence and increase of the energy efficiency. TTC is a member of the TRCA (Taiwan Responsible Cares Association) and committed to being a law-abiding responsible citizen of the environmentally friendly society.