ABS is the terpolymer of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene. SAN is the bipolymer of Acrylonitrile-Styrene. Each of the three components possesses certain functions. Acrylonitrile provides chemical resistance and hardness, Butadiene contributes toughness and impact strength; Styrene offers gloss and process-ability. Combining the above characteristics, ABS is now the most popular and economical Engineering Plastic.

TAITALAC®is the trade name of TTC’s ABS resin. Adopting the famous Japanese Toray Process, TAITALAC® is enjoying a reputation for excellent quality and recognized as one of the leading ABS / SAN resins in the world.

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SDS (Safety Data Sheet) ABS
ISO Certificate ISO-9001
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) Please contact your Sales Rep
Processing Guide ABS/FR-ABS
Typical Grade Characteristics Applications
Super High Impact 3000P
Extrusion/Injection, Excellent Toughness, Good Process-ability,Good for thermo-forming Luggage, tool boxes, motorcycle parts, helmets, attache cases. shoe heels, products for low temperature use, extruded pipe
High Impact 1000
Extrusion/Injection, An optimum balance of physical properties with high impact and good flow Computer/TV/telephone housing, office equipments, kitchen appliance, toys and furniture components, Extruded film.
Extrusion 3000D
High melting, tension Dimensional stability, Impact resistant Luggage, Refrigerator, Pro le, Thermoforming / Blow molding
High Rigidity 5000
Injection, High rigidity and medium impact Tape recorders, House-ware, clock, video cassettes
High Flow 1003
Injection, Outstanding process-ability, High productivity, High melt flow Large or complex shaped products, air conditioners, TV housing, vacuum cleaners, various leisure goods, cash registers, floppy disk, and products shape as thin film shape.
Metal Plating 1250 Injection, Good adhesion to metal coatings Radiator grilles, Various ornaments, trophies, Electric appliances, (handles, Switches, knobs etc.)
Flame Retardant 8540T Injection, 8540T offers 94V-O at 1/16"e; (1.59mm), Physical property balance is similar to a medium impact ABS with high melt flow. Business Machines (computers, cash registers, floppy disk drivers, photo copiers), TV housing, Telephone housing
General Grade SAN 1200 (Z) High Flow、Compounding
Z: Exterior Lubricant
Alloyl compounding
Alloyl Resin additive
Masterbatch carrier
1400 (N/Z) High Flow、General Injection
N: Contain Blue-Tin
Z: Exterior Lubricant
Daily commodities, Lamp covers, Pen tube, Cup with cover, Cosmetic cases, Family hardware transparent products, Fruit and vegetable boxes in refrigerator
Special Grade SAN 1600 (Z)
1600H (Z)
High heat、Chemical resistance
Z: Exterior Lubricant
Blade of fan, Batteries casings, Toothbrush handles, any transparent molded products requiring high strength. Lighters casings, Blade of fan, Batteries casings, high chemical resistance molded product
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