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1 2021/01/26
Announces on behalf of subsidiary TAITA (BVI) the date of the share certificate.
Announces on behalf of subsidiary TAITA (BVI) the date of the share certificate.
DateTime:2021/01/26 16:47:37
  1. Date of the board of directors resolution or decision by the Company:2021/01/26
  2. Number of shares issued:28,000,000
  3. Par Value per share:USD1
  4. Total monetary value of the issuance:USD28,000,000
  5. Issue price:USD1/share
  6. Number of shares subscribed for by employees:NA
  7. Ratio of shares subscribed for by existing shareholders:100%
  8. Method for public sale and no.of shares:NA
  9. Handling method for fractional shares and shares unsubscripted for by the deadline:NA
  10. Rights and obligations of these newly issued shares:Same as existing shares
  11. Utilization of the funds from the current capital increase:To improve financial structure and refill working capital.
  12. Record date of cash capital increase and share subscription:NA
  13. Last date before book closure:NA
  14. Book closure starting date:NA
  15. Book closure ending date:NA
  16. Payment period:NA
  17. Date of the agreement with the banks to collect and deposit the proceeds:NA
  18. Name of the institution designated to collect the proceeds:NA
  19. Name of the bank designated to deposit the proceeds:NA
  20. Any other matters that need to be specified:None
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