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TTC training scheme

The purpose of the TTC training scheme is to broaden the employees' skills, increase productivity and upgrade competitivenesses. The scheme has been well designed, organized and conducted to meet demands of the organizational as well as individual developments.

The architecture of the TTC training scheme is given below:
On-the-Job Training
Mentoring at the employees worksite
Off-the-Job Training
Management courses in general
Promotion training
Professional training
Employee training
Encouraging employees self-learning
New employees orientation
Video learning platform
Software learning platform
Language learning
Body and mind lectures

TTC compensation & benefits

Basically, after 12 months of employment, the full-time employees on the payroll would be paid the extra allowance of 2 months annually, in addition to the salary of 12 months per annum. The year-end bonus would be subject to the company’s financial status as well as the individual performance.

The company has been run strictly in accordance with applicable laws (such as Labor Standards Act, Labor Pension Act…etc). Benefit scheme covers a wide range of insurance plans (for example, labor, health and group health insurances), labor pension/old-age annuity, check-up program, travelling plan, paid annual leaves…etc.