Company Overview

2013 December Expansion of ABS Resin Capacity to 100,000 MTA.
2009 May Expansion of Zhong Shan EPS Plant capacity to 180,000 MTA.
2008 September Expansion of the Chien Chen EPS Plant capacity to 67,000 MTA.
July Expansion of the Zhong Shan EPS Plant capacity to 170,000 MTA.
2005 September Inauguration of the Tian Jin plant with an annual capacity of 100,000MT contributing to TTC’s move toward the nation’s leading EPS provider.
2004 October The annual production capacity of the Zhong Shan plant increases to 150,000MT by completion of the third EPS production line.
2001 May The new GPS/IPS NOVA production processes successfully join production at the Chien Chen Plant, increasing annual production volume to 100,000MT.
2000 May The Zhong Shan High Tech Industrial Development Zone Plant in mainland China completes the first EPS production line. Production capability runs according to plan.
1997 March BTRN Asia transfers 51% of TTC shares to the Bermuda Company Belgravia One Limited which is an overseas holding company jointly invested in by USI Corporation and UPC Technology Corporation.
1991 March TTC set up its glass wool production line officially adding glass wool to its business operations.
1987 June The Tou Fen Plants are established.
1986 November The Australian Company BTR Nylex Limited gains 51% of the company's shares and transfers all shares to its child company, BTRN Asia in December.
June TTC's stock is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Market.
1979 August TTC jointly invests with Panama Gulf Oil Company to build an ABS plant in Kaohsiung's Lin Yuan Industrial District.
1967 March TTC adds polystyrene and phenol resin production equipment.
1960 April The Company is established and builds the Kaohsiung Chien Chen Plant. The plant becomes the first formalin polymer resin factory.