R & D

Besides our unceasing efforts at production processes improvement and new product development, reducing pollution and enhancing safety are also important missions of our researchers and technical staff. We have been certified as ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-45001 and ISO-50001 compliant, which brings us to new environmental, working safety, and product quality milestones.

ABS/PS Resin

It is the motto of our researchers and technical staff to always improve products and services to give our customers the best. Our past years of hard-work on these matters have helped us to gain the trust of our customers and endorsements of our ABS, GGPS/HIPS and EPS. These products have kept up with our customers' demands. In the meantime, to reach higher production efficiency and better products, we always update our production process and renew our equipment. We have not only maximized the production “quantity”; we have also upgraded our product “quality.”

Besides exchanging technical resources with academics or government institutions to ensure our information and techniques are ahead of the curve, we also properly use our peripheral resources and alliances with other researchers outside the company to integrate all the latest techniques. This is the long-term goal of our researchers and our customer service staff.

Nowadays, our researchers and customer service staff hold a key position in our business restructuring plans; these plans focus on developing specialty products for ABS (flame-retardant grade, extrusion grade, colored grade, spray-painted grade, metal-plating grade, high-flow grade, high-impact grade) and EPS (food grade, anti-static grade, low pentane). By improving these products to compete better in the market, we also guarantee our customers' loyalty and gain a better market standing for our company's long-term development.

Glass Wool

In the earlier stages of glass wool production, we faced price competition from overseas products. Under this price pressure, we aggressively developed new products, lowered production costs, and expanded our production capability. After starting with ceiling panels, we also now provide products such as laminated glass wool, bounded glass wool, water-resistant glass wool, and rigid pipe insulation. We have invested massive amounts of capital to add a second set of waving machines and other equipment which has reduced production costs and doubled production volumes. Now we have reached 10,000 MT yearly production volumes. We now are not only offering our capability to the domestic market; we also export overseas and to Mainland China.

To expand the rigid pipe insulation overseas market, we are in the process of automating our production process. While we are increasing our production volume and improving its quality, we will also add sales agents according to the market demand. Through our affiliate companies' resources and connections, we ought to have stable growth of profits in this business.

Cubic Printing

Our average education level advanced and consumers demanded better living standards. Products frequently need to be fine-tuned with much better printing quality to stand in the market. Cubic printing has its unique market position due to the special character and quality it provides. To provide better service to customers, we have our own R&D center and have dedicated ourselves to improving the existing techniques. We also receive all the latest techniques and development news from the mother plant CUBIC. In recent years, besides a breakthrough in the auto parts production process, we also applied new techniques to 3C electronic products that break out of the traditional cubic printing stereotype.

In the near future, besides providing some common preset patterns, we will increase the selection we offer with special effects. Customer-designed patterns will also be welcomed to give their products unique looks. We will also keep expanding into new applications to gain the most profit out of the market.