Cubic Printing

The Cubic Printing process, developed by CUBIC JAPAN is a revolutionary, unique, Patented technology. This is the only printing method capable of applying decorative pattern to any 3-Dimensional Product. It has been widely used in many major industrialized countries such as USA, UK, JAPAN, ITALY, SWEDEN and KOREA. Taita Chemical Company, Limited is one of the few officially appointed licensees for the use of the technology in TAIWAN, and it is also the one who successfully obtained the technology know-how transferred from Japan in the earliest stage.

How does it work?

Specially formulated PVA printed films are chemically treated and then fed out onto the surface of a water tank. The product is immersed into the softened film so that the natural pressure of the water impresses the ink onto the product. The plain product emerges from the tank beautifully decorated.

Residual film is washed away and a top coat is applied to give the product luster and durability. Like most technical advances the technology sounds simple enough. Backed by years of research, the results are truly impressive.

  1. CUBIC PRINTING will decorate complex shapes, compound curved surfaces and rough surfaces which no other process can do.
  2. As well as a wide variety of shapes. CUBIC PRINTING can be applied to almost any material. Design possibilities are endless.
  3. Standard patterns include a variety of wood grains, marbles, leathers, textures and obstacles with new patterns being added regularly. You may even have your own exclusive Patterns.
  4. The impressive ranges of designs are precision printed by Dai Nippon, Japan's leading printing company.
Main application:
  1. Auto Parts: Instrument panel, automotive internal (external) decorative surface (panel), navigation wheel, motorcycle/ scooter's exterior components.
  2. Home electronic appliance: external shell for refrigerator handle, laundry machine external panel, remote control, dehumidifier, Television, air conditioner and all kinds of small home appliances, DVD, Audio devices... etc.
  3. IT products: external shell for mouse, electronic dictionary, PDA and all kinds of computer peripheral devices...etc
  4. Home decoration: handrail, Beth ware, kitchen ware, Door, window, shelves, electronic switch cover, locks, furniture...etc.
  5. Sport goods: Racket, sneakers, rollerblade, bow, bicycle accessories, saw handle, Goggle...etc?
  6. Stationery and gifts: Pens, office stationery, clock, picture frames...etc.
  7. Others: Lamps, dinnerware, cosmetic case, camera...etc